Pi-eX Reports shed light on the fine art and luxury markets

Thanks to real time insights on the auction market, Pi-eX enables art stakeholders to navigate the art world with confidence:
  • Pi-eX reports help Art Buyers detect growing segments and make sure they are offered the right price
  • Pi-eX reports help Art Sellers identify the best parameters (location, auction house, time) and maximise their chances to obtain the best price

Understand the Public Auction Market:

  1. Track movements in the public auction market on a regular basis:

  2. Understand where the market stands and where it is going

Identify growing locations/segments:

Distinguish rising segments per region:

Get insights into the dynamics of an artist's market:

Decode artists' prices and detect growth opportunities

Select the right location and auction house to buy or sell:

  1. Master the auction calendar

  2. Decipher specific auctions
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