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The Pi-eX MACRO 2019 Annual Report summary provides an overview of the combined worldwide auction results over the past decade (2010 to 2019) at the three major auction houses (CHRISTIE’S, SOTHEBY’S & PHILLIPS).

Combined annual revenue from auctions for 2019 at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips declined 15% YoY from US$12.2b in 2018 to US$10.4b in 2019.

The 2019 revenue decline did not come as a surprise, as the combined auction revenue at the top 3 auction houses declined in each quarter of 2019, especially in the most important second and fourth quarters.

Pi-eX 2019 annual reports provide some insights on the most likely drivers of the revenue decline and some indications of the major strategic adjustments the auction houses are pushing through to reinvent the auction business.
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MISSION: Pi-eX provides analytical and financial tools especially designed for art collectors and art investors.

RESEARCH: Pi-eX 's analytical approach based on the behavioral analysis of art buyers and sellers offers a complementary perspective on the art market, especially in regards to liquidity, performance and risk analysis when selling or buying fine art.
Pi-eX was shortlisted as a finalist for the Best Innovation in the Data category for the 2017 Financial Innovation Awards, presented by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and UK Finance.

PRODUCTS: Pi-eX's innovative financial instruments - the Contract on Future Sales (CFS) - are an answer to the issue of volatility in the fine art market. CFS allow art sellers to hedge their risk versus an upcoming sale, while providing 1) art buyers with an opportunity to hedge future potential purchases and 2) institutional investors with a standard financial contract allowing them to take an ecomomic exposure to the fine art market.
In February 2016 Pi-eX received the authorization from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to arrange and sell its Contracts on Future Sales (CFS).
In September 2018, Pi-eX was shortlisted as Best Financial start-up for the final of the 2018 Financial Innovation Awards, presented by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and UK Finance.


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